BioFactura’s Remarkable Journey

BioFactura’s Remarkable Journey

BioFactura, a leading developer and manufacturer of biosimilars and biodefense products, is one of the crown jewels of Frederick, Maryland’s growing biotech hub. The company is thriving and has secured strong funding from both private and government sources that see the potential of the company’s StableFast™ biosimilars platform. In May 2021, BioFactura reached an important milestone, announcing that it had moved its first biosimilar product into the clinic.

BioFactura’s ongoing success and recent growth are the latest achievements along the intriguing and somewhat unconventional journeys of its two principal architects, Founder and CEO Dr. Darryl Sampey and Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld, BioFactura’s Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Board.

BioFactura’s culture of curiosity, innovation, problem-solving, and a deep love of science was forged because two very different career paths converged, bringing together a once long-haired rock singer that loved science and a real-life version of teenage television doctor Doogie Howser.

Sampey and Hausfeld’s partnership and remarkable story prove that not all roads to successful biotech careers look the same. Sometimes the proverbial “road less traveled” delivers hard-fought experience and insight that can make all the difference.

The idea for BioFactura began as a “side hustle” for Sampey and three other driven, smart, and entrepreneurial Human Genome Sciences (HGS) employees.  Read More

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