A Fit Agile Framework

A Fit Agile Framework

A Fit Agile Framework

By Millie Paniccia

I’ve dedicated the last 18 years of my professional life to working in commercial software product development environments—from employee to executive. As the current Managing Partner of an advisory services firm, I have seen just about all there is to see in business, working with startups whose employees range from three to large organizations that have tens of thousands. Nowadays , I spend most of my time helping organizations with product delivery issues improve, scale or prepare for IPO.

I have learned that regardless of industry, organization size, or belief in an organization’s individuality, most of these environments actually have a lot in common—including teams comprised of good people with good intentions. Unfortunately, most of these teams are lacking a common framework in which to operate.

I believe that an Agile framework is much better than how we used to get work done. I have found that the application of Lean Agile principles with consistency, just like a good exercise regime, can transform how product is delivered to market.

How to Get Your Agile Principles In Shape

Extensive writing already exists defining Lean Agile principles and my intent is not to re-write these articles. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe ©) website and texts are an excellent resource on this topic. While all of the Lean Agile principles have value and importance, I have found organizations are most likely to get in shape and stay there, by staying mindful of the following.

  • Sometimes the only way to get into shape is to re-train teams, together
  • People really are doing their best 
  • Product and engineering need to be in the boat together

To read the full article click here https://www.tecveris.com/resources/getting-your-agile-framework-into-shape/


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Millie Paniccia
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Millie has led PMO, Help Desk Operations, Software Development, QA and Product Development teams. Millie is a certified Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Agilist and strategic leader in Lean Agile adoption.

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