Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee will support MTC’s plan to retain and recruit new members and create a sense of excitement for success in achieving its membership goals.

Staff Liaison

Pam Lubel, Director of Membership and Mentor Services

Committee Chair

  • Pete Briskman, JLL
  • Jim Gibbons, G&M Investments

Committee Members

  • Ben Craig, Comcast
  • Jen Herson, Data Canopy
  • Sharon Tiger, Raffa Financial Services
  • Alan Schulman, Meltzer Group
  • Tom McDonough, Alliance Information Services
  • Jake Rubritz, VWR
  • Simon Selwood, Sobran
  • Faisal Quader, Technuf
  • Pamela Keeton, ArcPoint Strategies
  • Tim Carey, Chesapeake Telephone Systems
  • T Ward, Katz Abosch
  • Trish Farrell, Mackenzie Commercial Real Estate
  • Ron Seligmann, Wells Fargo
  • S Cockburn, Windstream
  • Patty Lewis, MM4 Solutions
  • Joe Ford, Cohesion
  • J Gallagher, Mackenzie Commercial
  • Eddie Rose, Alexandria Real Estate
  • David Carter, Alpha Engineering
  • Heather Lunn, ByteGrid
  • Michael Norman, VWR
  • Jonathan Johnson, Century Link
  • Marty Rosendale, Selnova
  • Chad Van Lier, Exclamation Labs
  • Bobbie Cooper, Exclamation Labs
  • Shelley Brown, Galaxy System
  • Kathleen Booth, IMPACT Branding Design